July 13, 2006

Blog-a-log-a-ding-dong: A Blog of Blogs to Post

So many blog postings to make, so little time. Until I can get to them all, here is a list of potential future postings in no particular order and with no regard to their advisability:

Places I Must See (or See Again) Before I Die—in which I say forget buying that huge book, it’s a waste of time. I have a shorter, better list including hotels in Bora Bora and Fiji; Roatan, Honduras; The Blue Grotto; Pompeii; Brussels during an approaching thunderstorm; etc.

The Most Boring Blog Ever—in which my lucky and few readers will experience, in real time, a dreary, dull, apathetic, lazy day with me. (I wonder if my anti virus software is going to expire soon?......I’ll have to check sometime.....Where in the hell do these pennies keep coming from? and what is sticky all over them?....Maybe I should take a nap...But that would require getting up and I don't feel like it right now.....What is that odor? Are the Russian neighbors cooking borscht again?)

The Approximate Size of My Favorite Pashmina--in which I provide great detail on pashmina color, texture, and reputable Ebay Sellers.

I Miss Taco Bell—in which I lament my now limited access to my former favorite restaurant and all its delicacies. I will also describe how I miss calling Kelli from the Taco Bell parking lot.

Why I Need a Scooter Gang, and How We Will Behave--Enough said, really.

I Was Not Afraid to Swim There—this will be a short posting, because there’ve only been two locations (Honduras and the Caymen Islands). Bonus: I will also describe my images of critters staring at me from the depths with pitiless, black, gleaming eyes in the places I was afraid to swim.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies, Period--in which I describe in excruciating detail how you, too, can create them from start to finish.

Not the Dancing Outlaw Again—in which I lament the number of times The Dancing Outlaw (Jesse/Jesco/Elvis) has been brought up in conversation, appeared on tv and/or with bands, and the number of people who seem to know he’s from WV. Please, dude, get out of my head.

I’m Not That Kind of Psychologist--I cannot give you free therapy. I cannot give you therapy, period. I cannot give you anything else for free, either.

Great Parrots I Have Known--in which I post pictures, videos, and descriptions of the wonderful parrots I have encountered.

I’ll Bring the Kippers—in honor of Anthony’s picture-taking suggestion involving go-go boots.

My Very Own “Best-of-Craigslist”—including but not limited to:
“Naked Hot Tub Party Neighbors”
“Subway: A ‘Sandwich Artist’s’ Response”
“Keep your big smokey away from me”

There are so many more where these came from.

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