January 22, 2007

You were right--no one's running this whole thing.

Alternative titles for this blog:
A Few Things I've Learned Since January 22, 1977
Shit King of Fuck Mountain

I’ve learned to tread cautiously around words such as “never,” “forever,” and “always.”

Losing toenails doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as I imagined; bloody nipples do.

I don’t believe in God and, although I’ve spent about a decade coming to terms with this, I still find it terrifying.

Girth trumps length any day of the week.

Patience really is a virtue and something with which I have a difficult time. Even though I don’t want it to be my m.o., sometimes there is a great deal of power in waiting and holding back.

Formal education is mostly overrated.

When I was little, I truly believed that I could fly if I just tried hard enough. What I would give for five minutes of that belief again.

Most of the passionate black and white thinking of my youth has faded into varying shades of grey. This is a good thing.

There’s nothing in the world quite as nice as a bird’s belly feathers.

Depression teaches valuable lessons if you pay attention.

Hot baths, red wine, or candles can make almost anything more bearable. All three at once are unstoppable.

S’mores also have great healing powers.

I need massive amounts of affection. I think most people need more than they may even realize.

Ohio should be avoided whenever possible.

I don’t believe I’ll be able to forgive my mother, but I think I can find ways to love her in between those wounds.

I feel that people’s treatment of animals is a more powerful indication of their character than is their treatment of other people.

Although I’ve taken care of myself for a very long time, I’m only starting to get an inkling of what it means to truly love myself. How sad that it took so long! How wonderful it’s happening now!

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