October 12, 2009

"...and separate's always better when there's feelings involved..."

Alternative title to this blog: Two truths, one lie

Once, in a fit of curiosity (and, I don't know, a brief bout of self-loathing?) around two and a half years ago I took a look at C's blog. After reading just a few moments I felt utterly destroyed, so I never looked again.

Tonight I looked at E's blog after a few days' hiatus. In reading the last couple of entries I had missed, I ended up going to bed tearful and filled with dread and anxiety. This was an extreme change from such a lovely weekend. I told myself that--in the interest of self-protection--I could no longer read this blog. No more, no more, no more.

I am thick-skinned.

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Bree said...

Ugh. And ((hug.))