May 12, 2010

What made my day today.

My friend P. just returned from a hiking trip on top of Mt. Shasta, and today she tentatively knocked on my office door and asked me if I had a second. "Sure," I said, "what's going on?" (I was nervous, you see, because work hasn't exactly been a source of good news lately.) She was cupping something in her hand, and looked a little shy.

She said, "I brought something back from my trip for you because I wanted you to know I was thinking about you. I was thinking about the people that lift me up every day, and I wanted you to know that you do that for me. So, from 10,000 feet up on the mountain, I brought you some snow melt so that you would know I took you with me and I'm grateful for you." She handed me a small, clear vial of water.

My eyes stung immediately. I hugged her and thanked her profusely for thinking of me, because she is someone who lifts me up each day, as well. She made this day a lot brighter.


P. said...

Its sinking in how much I'm going to miss seeing you at the office. I'm feeling very sad and - ashamed to say - sorry for myself. Though I didn't do it a lot before, I realize that from now on making your day will be a much greater challenge. (Dammit!) Thanks for your kind and sweetly touching words in your blog. You really do rock.

Ceephor Da Wonda said...

This is what makes life worth fighting through...if ever you're one of those who battle for it. It's precious, to be thought of. I like it.