June 20, 2010

A personal Father's Day wish

Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy.

You really are the best. It's the little things you do that I adore, you know? When you roll down the window before farting in the car, it makes me love you even more. When you lovingly smack me in the face with your penis as I wake up in the morning, I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life.

I can only hope that little Buddy grows up to be half the man that you are. I look forward to watching you teach him how to secretly look up girls' skirts and to see you serve as his role model for shifting your package while noisily belching in public and calling the dog "Lil' Fucker."

Just thinking of these things makes me want to make more babies with you.

All my love!

1 comment:

I'm just me... said...

HA! Too funny! Hope you are doing well, much love.