November 12, 2008

All you need is...

I have this weird thing I like to do.

In Facebook there is this strange little application (among exactly 9,458 others) you can add to your page. It's called "send good karma" and I added it months ago when a friend spammed me on a list. You earn points when you send people good karma, and you can use those points to "purchase" different types of good karma to send to people--things like health, prosperity, love, and wisdom. You can send it to your friends and you can send it to strangers. You can also put out a general request to all good karma users for a specific type of karma you want.

At first I was amused by this ability to send and receive good karma to and from strangers. Then, as I started reading the reasons people listed as to why they'd requested a good karma, I was touched.

Take love for example. People give responses to the prompt, "I ask for this karma because..." such as these below:

"...because I have been unlucky in love lately."

"...because I feel like love is something for other people and not for me."

"...because I am lonely."

"...because the one person who loved me is no longer in my life."

It's true that I'm a sucker for sad bastard stories and this has been pointed out to me by more than one person. But after reading these responses, I started sending "Love" to every stranger I could. (Am I, like, a good karma whore?)

Then I tested it for myself. I typed the reason I was requesting the good karma of "love" be sent to me:

"...because sometimes I am afraid I only have a limited supply of it."

I started getting "love" and encouraging, supportive messages from people all over the globe. Somehow I never get tired of them. This application really cheers me up.


Cryztal Clear said...

How do you send good karma to strangers? I've been searching for the answer for months.

Toad's Lair said...

When you're in the "Send Good Karma" application on Facebook, click on "Limited Karmas." From here you can do one of two things:

1) Under the green words "Send karmas to these newest users of Send Good Karma" you can click on the faces of people who just signed up for the application and send karma to them.

2) You can scroll down to the limited karmas. For the ones you haven't yet purchased, it will say "Buy this good karma to send to people who want it"; for the ones you have purchased it provides a link to " Send good karma to someone who wants this good karma!"

You can also receive karma from strangers by clicking on "Meet someone new. Ask for this good karma from someone else!"

Hope that helps!