August 15, 2010

The bomb-diggity

Alternative title to this post:
Living in sin

It's official. We now live together.

In reality, things have only changed minimally. I mean Ivan got his stuff out of his old room today and we brought it over, but he's been here all along. We've looked at each other a couple of times already and marveled that it was for real now.

He brought over a tupperware container filled with duffle bags. I looked at it incredulously and, knowing how little room we have, said, "Are you bringing all those bags?"

He opened his hands to me and said, "What else am I going to put my stuff in when you kick me to the curb?"

After resting awhile late this afternoon, I woke up with the most amazing idea. "Baby, let's get a Christmas tree this year!" I enthused. He agreed and now I am nearly beside myself.

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