August 28, 2009

Written on the body

My very first boyfriend--and the first person I ever kissed--just got in touch with me and it was a very interesting experience. We spent time reminiscing about how young and silly we were in the 9th and 10th grade, and who we went on to date after we broke up. I told him I cried for days after he broke up with me, and he apologized. He said, "If I'd know then what I know now..." We talked about our lives since that time of innocence. It really made my day.

On another note...

At work we have a $300 "personal development fund" that has to be used by the end of our fiscal year, August 31. I hadn't used mine yet, so I quickly scheduled a Swedish massage, facial, and seaweed body wrap for Monday after work.

I never get to fully indulge.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I actually talked to my very "first" boyfriend recently. We just laughed and made fun of how nerdy we were.