September 24, 2008

This minute

Oh, holy mother of God I need a few seconds to breathe...

I just came from one job, and in about 30 minutes I'll start another. Here's what I'm fantasizing about right now.

1. A hug. From anyone. I don't give a goddamn who you are at this moment. My bank teller who told me to have a nice day? Lay one on me! The dude in the elevator at the SFSU parking garage who sounded like he was coughing up a lung? That's right, baby--you know what to do!

2. A perpetual cold side on my pillow.

3. A leisurely afternoon of drinking sangria on a patio with my closest friends.

4. More rooty tooty, less fresh and fruity.

5. A bra whose underwire is not poking the bejeesus out of my boob and making me feel like I want to napalm small villages.

6. Toenails that never lose their polish.

7. A little pencil sharpener shaped like a duck.

8. Sunglasses that are more movie-star-like; these aren't cuttin' it.

9. One of those moonwalk bouncy things that you jump in. Except for adults.

10. A Wet Banana.

11. One of those places where you can rent a room full of dishes and smash it all up with a baseball bat to relieve stress.

12. An escape plan.

13. A trap door.

14. A secret entrance.

15. A hiding place.

16. A hollowed out book.

17. A juicy secret.


Anonymous said...

Heres a hug for ya....thats about all I have right now. BUT when you do sit around and have leisurely drinks let me know!

I'm just me... said...

Sending you a hug....a hiding place I may be able to help with, I have a cabin that has no phone service that you can hide out in any time you need it. I only have one secret and you already know was my Missed Connection blog (It has since been deleted). Hope you are doing ok, don't work too hard. Hugs. D