December 26, 2008


Sometimes life is so surreal.

I have marveled on numerous occasions about the people whom MySpace and Facebook have brought into or back into my life. Just a couple days before Christmas, I was reconnected with a young lady for whom I used to babysit (C.) and her mother. I lived with them my senior year in college. It was a great deal for a poor student--free room in exchange for a certain number of child-care hours.

I was pleased to see what a beautiful young woman C. has become in the last 10 years was stunned to hear that they were just about to come to San Francisco for a stretch between Christmas and the new year. C's mother gave me C's cell number so that we could get in touch about when we could all get together while they are here.

I've been rushing around trying to straighten up my house for their visit, and tonight I got a text message from C. We sat here and texted about our lives and challenges for about an hour and a half. It was so strange. I mean, I used to take her to preschool and give her baths and we used to make up stories together! And here we are having an adult conversation! What a lovely surprise.

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