May 11, 2009

"For a year we caught his tears in a cup."

Año (part two of two)

spring enclosed grief i can't go with you please stop asking me empty space please ask me just one more time detaching waiting drying up closing up summer regroup trying again hope eager mistaken premonitions comparison tentative as usual it became important new adult freedom fears mornings have a whole new meaning why haven't I heard from you please ask me one more time I will say yes fall trying to keep it together sleeping in the car trying and trying because it only takes one I wrote a letter confession falling behind more erratic fleeting winter I'm drowning obsession 98 feet deep this time last year you predicted it the nights are so long sleepless I just need a break losing control I'm going down chanting and rocking and screaming clinging to the shower wall Nannette's tears a voice of reason answers questions an orphan grieving spring trying

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