May 28, 2009

Round 2

After the first round of rejections, I'm submitting more of my writing for publication. My friend suggested an online journal called "Bent Pin," and from there I found a link to site that lists literary magazines, the types of submissions they take, submission guidelines, etc. What a gem! As a result of this I submitted work to both "Memoir (and)" and "River Teeth." Plus, I found other possible destinations for my work if these fall through, including: "New England Review," "Cherry Bleeds," and "Apple Valley Review."

I'm excited.


I'm just me... said...

This is awesome! Good Luck!!!

jkodiak said...

Very cool!

Bree said...

Yay you! Missed you on Monday night at the writing/reading whatever group. Next month, chez Bree y Astrid!