February 19, 2008

The quotable Freddie Mercury

I'm not sure why these appeal to me at this moment. Maybe because it's raining. Maybe because it's Tuesday. Maybe because I hid my face in my hands so I wouldn't reveal what I was feeling. Maybe because...

"I am loved by thousands, but I feel like the loneliest man in the world."

"An interview? Oh, don't be ridiculous."

"I'm as gay as a daffodil, darling."

"I've made no effort to become a guitar hero because I can't play the fucking guitar!"

"We all have constant rows. We're like four cocks fighting. Ooh it's getting interesting this."

"Fuck today, it's tomorrow."

"I've stopped all that promiscuous lifestyle. I've stopped having sex and started growing tulips."

"I never thought of myself as the leader. The most important person, perhaps."

"Hello again, my beauties!...Is it happening? Is everybody okay? Wanna fool around?"

"I really do feel like being evil tonight."

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Beth is wfg said...

I love Freddie Mercury. I love Queen. *sigh* I do sometimes think I was born in the wrong generation.