March 29, 2008

Another reason I'm probably going to hell

I feel really guilty snickering about this, but I'm going to share it anyway. And just to be clear--I'm only snickering about the second half of this story.

A friend of my mom's passed away recently--one of her friends that she saw regularly at the American Legion. She's been very sad about it, as she considered him a good friend. He was also only 50 and had two children.

At any rate, apparantly today is a very nice day in my hometown. Such a nice day, in fact, that she and her ex-boyfriend Junior drove to the cemetery with some Budweisers. They drank one over his grave, and then they poured an entire beer over his grave. She said, "We just wanted him to know we were thinking of him."

I said, "So you poured one out for your homey?"

She said, "Huh?"

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