March 26, 2008

Vivid dreams

The past couple of nights I've had the most intense dreams, and I wish I'd jotted yesterday's down before their clarity began to fade. I want to recall the smells and colors and sounds exactly, but I'm losing them.

I've been dreaming a great deal about various past, present, and future important relationships in my life.

One dream involved someone I love from my past. He was giving me a ride because I had been walking in the rain for miles. I gratefully climbed in the backseat and chattered away about what I had been up to. Eventually I worked my way up to what I really wanted to say, which was, "I see you all the time out getting ice cream and it's so cute I want to throw up. I notice that you're wearing your hair differently--I liked it better before. And when on earth did you start wearing camouflage pants?" In my head I scolded myself: he was doing me a favor and these things weren't important anymore anyway, so why couldn't I stop saying them?

Another dream involved someone I love from my present. I told him, "I guess I was wrong. I thought we knew each other better than that, and I thought you knew I didn't work that way. It seems I am mistaken."

Yet another dream involved a family member I love dearly, and I know he really misses me. In that dream I told him, "I'm probably never coming back."

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