April 9, 2008


Today is lousy.

I got some bad news this morning and then had to go have what felt like a quart of blood drawn at the doctor. The Olympic torch is running through San Francisco today, and traffic is tied up downtown and on the Golden Gate Bridge with the protests and making everyone crabby. While coming home this afternoon, I saw two men get in a wreck on Geary Blvd. and jump out of their cars screaming at each other.


Walking home, I passed a little Russian flower shop that had just put bouquets of lilacs--my second favorite flower--out front. Their smell was irresistible to me, so I bought a giant bunch of them to cheer myself up. The man who sold them to me told me in a thick Russian accent, "Enjoy!" I thanked him and assured him I would, and he said, "Very beautiful smile." I grinned and thanked him, and stopped then stopped off at my usual convenience story.

"Beautiful!" cried the little Indian man behind the counter who always asks me to run away with him. "I have not seen you for a month! Where have you been? My day is so much better now!" He kissed my hand and asked, "Where did you get flowers? Not from a boyfriend!?" I laughed about this.

On my way down the street a half dozen people stopped me to admire and sniff my lilacs. I felt like Miss America parading around with this huge bunch of flowers cradled in my arms. (I should have practiced my wave.)

Now I am home and I cut up the bunch of flowers into three bouquets in my kitchen, living room, and bathroom. My house smells wonderful.

I feel better.

And to make myself feel even better I’ve accepted an invitation tonight to "Spontaneous Drinking Night" where I will join a bunch of people I’ve never met at a bar I’ve never been to for a couple of pints.

Suck it, Wednesday, April 9, 2008!

Lilacs--4-9-08 004Lilacs--4-9-08 003Lilacs--4-9-08 001

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Yannie said...

so glad the flowers made you feel better :=)
Next time you feel bad, call me, I'll cheer you up or get you drunk!