January 26, 2009

I still love love!

To all the people out there who keep on hoping and looking and trying despite the odds: you are amazing!

Recent Craigslist Missed Connections examples...


I was walking on Clement Street a little before 6pm on Sunday. I was wearing a navy coat with a high collar. I shrugged and sighed. You were coming the opposite way and you smiled at me. Tall, short hair, cute smile (loved that smile!)... Wanna share a cup of coffee ?

* * *

Where did you come from? What are you?

I looked into your eyes and I couldn't even breathe. I saw you on the Muni a couple of weeks ago. You were wearing a black sweater, black boots, blue jeans, your hair was kind of pulled up, and a hand full of books. You got off at SFSU...

* * *

hi...i was walking out of my building with a friend and you were walking in front with your whole foods bag. i just thought you were really pretty so i'm taking this long shot that you'll look here. :)

* * *

come on. you knew i was smitten with you.

oh to have the upper-hand....

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