January 29, 2009

Miscellaneous assortment

1. Yesterday I decided I liked coming to work the morning after I'd gone to sleep with my hair wet, because it makes it stick up in interesting ways. Today I would like to reiterate that. This morning I was eager to see what it had done. I awoke to the front of my hair resembling a cross between the cowardly lion and a fashion model. The back looks like an elderly chihuahua's ass.

2. I heard the most hideous and trite phrase ever put into words as I was getting ready for work. On a commercial break during the morning news was an ad for that Benjamin Buttons movie. One review said that it captured "the poetry and pain of life." Terrible. Just terrible.

3. I was listening to a congressman on NPR this morning saying, "Americans need us to take action. They don't want us sitting around like little boats around the dock. They want us to go out to sea where the big ships are." I found this indescribably funny.

4. A couple mornings a week I stop at 7-11 to get a cup of coffee before starting my commute. [Stop laughing! I love the good stuff as much as anyone else, but Philz and Blue Bottle and all those places aren't beating down my door to sponsor me, so...]


There is a man who works in the mornings that I just love. I always laugh because he tries to give me the special deal every single time I'm in there. It seems that in the morning if you buy a coffee of a certain size you can get two free taquitos. I always shudder at the thought of this and vehemently decline, even when he reminds me, "They're FREE! What a deal!"

Irrespective of his taquito pushing, he's such a sweetheart. He asks each and every customer with genuine interest how their morning is going and listens to their responses. He wishes everyone a safe drive to work and a good day. In front of me this morning, there was a homeless man buying a soda and carefully counting out pennies and nickels to put on the counter. While he was waiting, the cashier said to the man encouragingly, "It's going to be okay. Things are going to be okay. You just keep working at it, alright?"

At that moment I loved him.

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Anonymous said...

Because you are such an honest and great person, I nominated you for an award! Go to my blog and grab it. I know you are busy, but you are the most honest person I know, so at least give it a try...lots of love!!!