January 30, 2008


I don't own a dog and I don't have any friends nearby who do, but I suddenly want to start buying Pedigree. The look in Echo's little doggy eyes when he gets passed over...my heart cannot take stuff like this.

Yes, yes. I know this is how they want me to react. It worked, okay?


mdh said...

My god. I remember this conversation I had with an instructor at work when we were making DVDs out of a bunch of commercial reels that were on old videotapes about how a lot of the people working in commercials have the skills of great filmmakers but they use their powers for evil instead of good.

That commercial is pure evil.

mdh said...

Oh, and just to be clear: it totally worked on me too. I'm not made of stone!

That doggyyyyyyyy... "Awwww....MAN!" indeed. :'(

The heart melts. Utterly.

Therefore: Evil. [/Kevin McDonald]