January 28, 2008

Favors for friends (follow-up)

Waaayyy back in September I wrote of a friend who asked me to keep custody of her vibrator for her while her mom stayed for an extended visit. Well, this week her mom went home and, as of this evening, the vibrator that has been in the top of my closet for all these months is back with its rightful owner. I even gave her some new batteries as a gift in honor of the long-awaited reunion.

We were having dinner, and she took a sip of her drink thoughtfully and said, "My mom's coming back in March."

I said, "Does that mean it's coming to stay with me again?"

She shook her head and said, "No, I think I'll keep it at my house this time. If she finds it...so what?" I told her I thought she was making progress.

Anyway, she was really in a hurry to get home. I'm not sure why.

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