January 17, 2008

This is a picture of the princess singing because she is lost.

It’s probably not news to many that I love Found magazine. I love finding stuff, too.

Today as I was walking down Geary Blvd. I found a small stack of children’s drawings laying on the sidewalk up against someone’s garage door. I stooped to pick them up and examine them. It appears that on Oct. 17 these kids were asked to illustrate scenes from The Magic Flute. They are so sweet. Of course I kept them.

“The princess is meeting the prince for the very first time. They fell in love and are excited they met each other.”

Found drawings--The prince and princess

(How lovely—the prince appreciates princesses with curves!)

“The prince fights the dragon.”

Found drawings--Prince vs dragon

(Baby dragon?)

“The dragon is fighting the prince.”

Found drawings--The dragon fights the prince

(A much bigger dragon. And this dragon looks about like the dragon I would draw if faced with the same task.)

“This is a picture of the princess singing because she is lost.”

Found drawings--Singing because she is lost

It seems worth mentioning that, when interpreting the progression of the story, this is the order of pictures that my brain understood. That is, the prince and princess meet, everything goes to shit, and she ends up wandering through the woods lost. I suppose the reverse is most likely the one that was originally intended. Oh well.

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