March 12, 2009

Another puzzle piece in place

I was incredibly nervous about my psychiatric evaluation today, but there was no need to be. I'm exhausted now, but it was incredibly helpful and encouraging. I will be taking Lamictal, an anticonvulsant. I thought it seemed strange that something designed to treat epilepsy should be used for bipolar disorder, but my doctor explained that bipolar is very much like having seizures in the mood-controlling areas of your brain. This made so much sense. Sometimes it FEELS that way.

I also got some stuff to provide immediate, emergency relief because it will take a few weeks until the Lamictal is fully into my system and providing theraputic effects. But I'm not going into all that. I'm already late to my street corner tonight, and that bitch Candy horns in on my turf every chance she gets.

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Bree said...

You're super brave and wonderful. Not everybody deals with a diagnosis and meds in as graceful a way as you are. Solving puzzles can be anxiety-inducing and also satisfying. Here's to the satisfying kind.