March 5, 2009

Ridiculous text messages this afternoon with K.

A: K?

K: Yes

A: Do you like crunchy peanut butter?

K: Yes

A: Okay. Now you ask me a question.

K: Do you like grapes?

A: Seedless ones. Do you like donkeys?

K: No, but I like Donkey Kong. Have you ever seen a dinosaur dick?

A: I’ve never seen a dinosaur, let alone his dick.

K: Well you’re missing out.

A: What did you have for lunch?

K: Krystal Burgers…you?

A: Lately I thrive on a diet of Greek yogurt, Ativan, and dashed hopes and dreams.

K: So why then are we asking questions rather than talking?

[K then calls me at work.]

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