March 15, 2009

Why any of this surprises me anymore I don't know.

Setting: In the car at the end of a first date. We had been driving around and, after I made it clear we were not going to end up at my house, I told him I'd take him to a BART station. I am about to pull out of a parking place, and I'm selecting a playlist from my iPod.

K: [takes iPod out of my hands] Do you just wanna make out?

A: [sits back against driver side door] What?

K: Do you just wanna make out for a little while?

A: No...

K: [in a surprised voice] Really? Just for a little bit?

A: No. I'm sorry to disappoint you. You're nice, but I would need to go out with you a couple of times before I knew if I wanted to make out with you.

K: You don't make out on the first date?

A: No, I don't. [pauses to gauge his reaction] Is that so shocking to you?

K: Well, yeah. I mean, how do you know if you want to go out with someone again or not? I have to make out with someone first and then I can tell if I want to go out with them again. If I like kissing you, then I'll know...

A: Is that the only way you have of telling if you want to go out with someone again?

K: [thinks for a second] Well, it's not the only way. But it's the way I use. You really don't make out on the first date? I can't believe it.

A: Obviously I'm not the girl for you.

K: So you're just taking me to BART now?

A: Well, if I don't want to make out and you don't want to talk...

K: It's just that there are limits to talking. I only have so much I'd want to say anyway.

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