March 26, 2009

Everyone Deserves A Roof

While driving to work at 4:45 am this morning (ugh) I heard NPR's "Marketplace" talking about EDAR (Everyone Deserves a Roof). Apparently, the EDAR serves as a heavy duty shopping cart by day and a tent on wheels at night. It is intended to provide homeless people with weather resistant shelter, particularly in light of the sharp increase in homelessness in light of the current economic circumstances. They were interviewing a family that consisted of two parents, two children, and two grandchildren who were living in EDARs since the husband lost his job in November. I was simultaneously struck by the sadness of needing a product like this and the cleverness of the design. If some of the same minds who worked on designing a dry, mobile, practical shelter could be put to use on a more permanent solution to homelessness, imagine what could happen.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, imagine what people could do.

:( I hope I never need this.