June 13, 2008

Funny conversation #8 and a serious conversation

[walking out of a taqueria in Half Moon Bay]

A: Did you hear those teenage boys talking in the booth behind you? One of them said, "Hella sick." Good God.

S: Maybe they were talking about you. Like, "That bitch is hella sick."

A: Then they should have been using past tense: was hella sick.

S: [is amusing himself and continues] "That bitch was hella sick in her fallopian tube..."

A: Don't joke about my tubes. Just be glad your tubes are healthy.

S: I don't have any tubes!

A: What?! Yes, you do! How do you think your sperm gets around? In little boats?

S: They travel in viking ships with a big horn going, "AaaaHOOOOOOO!"

* * * * * * * * * *

[after a prolonged period of being silent while sitting back and listening to music]

A: [thinking he'll think it's a crazy question] Do you ever wish you were stupider?

S: [without hesitation] All the time. It would make plodding along, swallowing everything, and being content much easier.

A: Exactly.

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