June 14, 2008

Funny conversation #9

[After not getting to talk for a few days]

KWT: I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! What else is going on? Anything new?

AMA: I'm having an existential crisis.


My Mama she took me aside one day
She said you better have fun while you play
'Cause someday you'll wake up and you'll be old
And all of your youth will be gone away

And you'll work in a factory and you'll earn your pay
And your fingers will rot and your mind will decay
You'll be happy, so happy with your family and house
But you'll never, you'll never enjoy yourself

Joy without pleasure
Ain't no fun, ain't no fun at all.

1 comment:

Just a girl today... said...

Ok I have been on vacation and I come home and you have been in the HOSPITAL!!!!

What is going on, feel free to email me if you want...