June 11, 2008

Putting too much faith in the Zophran

Because I’m not about to write another whiny blog here or elsewhere about how I feel, I’ve decided to give you, instead, bits of a few of my drug-induced dreams from the last couple of nights.

1. I was riding naked with three other people in a bobsled-type of vehicle through a bowling alley/arcade where a group of trannies was having a fundraiser. There were several bobsled teams, but we weren’t racing. Somehow our activities were part of the fundraiser, although it’s unclear to me how me riding in a bobsled naked could ever attract any kind of monetary donation. Unless it were for me to NOT appear in the event any longer.

2. I was a chaperone on a kids’ school trip, and we were eating lunch in a school cafeteria. Another chaperone and I were at the end of the cafeteria line waiting for our trays filled with sliced ham, mashed potatoes, a hot roll, green beans, and a little carton of milk. When we got up to the front of the line, I was amazed to find that the school cooks were the same ones that had been at my own elementary school, throughout my tenure there: Daisy, Helen, and Helen. They quit serving food just as I had gotten to the front of the line. I was both amazed to see them and disappointed at not being allowed to eat, and I said, “Don’t you remember me!?” Daisy leaned against a stainless steel sink and picked her teeth with her pinky fingernail and drawled, “Thinking you deserve special favors is not going to get you this ham dinner any faster.”

3. I was stealing unopened Christmas presents from my friends. I remember thinking meanly, “I don’t care if they’re my friends and I don’t care who these presents are for and I don’t even care what’s inside them. I want them.” Weirdly, I was storing them in a public restroom that was at a rest-stop along an interstate. I hovered outside the restroom, making sure none of the people stopping there left carrying any of my ill-gotten gifts. Every time someone would go inside to use the bathroom, I would run in after them and watch them suspiciously until they left again. And then I went back to my basement and continued stitching together the skins I had collected for the human suit I was making.

I made that last line up.

I actually had a couple of others, but I feel like I shouldn’t share them. They’re kind of weird.

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