June 27, 2008

Six inches forward, five inches back

I only have a few random bits of news because I am so worn out that I'm having trouble putting together cogent and coherent thoughts.

To begin with, I have now applied for four jobs. I found a fifth one to apply for tomorrow, because my brain is fried tonight.

I had such a bad day today that it is really quite hilarious. Or at least it's hilarious now that I am home and curled up in bed. It was also quite funny when I recounted it to a dear friend over dinner and I drank sangria--that saved the day. The friend, not the sangria. Well, maybe the sangria, too.

I had a conversation on Tuesday that I can't stop thinking about and, although I don't have any great wisdom about it, I felt the need to write it down. After my last seminar and as I was meeting with one of my bosses to discuss all the details involved with the end of my job, we ended up having a lengthy conversation about fairly personal matters. We reflected on the changes we'd experienced in the last few years. She's 41, and just a couple of years ago got married. She told me, "You would not believe all the idiots I dated all through my late 20s and well into my 30s and all the ways I wasted my time. Then I met my husband and it was all over."

That wasn't the extent of our conversation, but I really liked that part. It made me feel less alone in the time I have wasted over the last several years. I'm trying not to make that mistake again. ("Trying" would be the operative word here.)

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