June 30, 2008

A strange request for assistance...

In recent months I've developed a growing fascination for the messages that people write on bathroom walls. I could easily insert some Modest Mouse lyrics here to illustrate this point but, in the interest of maintaining all of my friends' sanity, I will refrain. (Oh, but they're good lines...)

At any rate, I'm not talking about crap like "For a good time call blah-blah-blah" or "I heart so-and-so." I'm talking about really interesting things--poignant, creative...words filled with longing and pathos and/or humor. I realize that such things are highly subjective and in the eye of the beholder. An example of what I'm talking about can be found in the women's bathroom at the 540 Club here in the humble Richmond District at 6th and Clement:

"My daddy is a dollar.
I wrote it on a fence.
My daddy is a dollar
not worth a hundred cents."

I love these lines for reasons I cannot quite explain.

I would like to ask that you keep your eyes open for words that catch your attention. If you live near me, please let me know what you see and where so that I may document it myself. If you live far from me, maybe you could take a picture of it--a close up in which the writing is clear--and send it to me?

I'd be most grateful. And you'd be credited in what I end up doing with it--now isn't that an amazing incentive? No?

Anyway, thanks in advance.

Message read on the bathroom wall said: "I don't feel at all like I fall." And we're losing all touch, losing all touch. Building a desert..."

Okay. I lied about the quote.

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