June 26, 2008

"Home...is where I want to be. Pick me up and turn me 'round..."

She lifted up her wings
I guess that this must be the place...

In the last couple of days I've been feeling so homesick I can hardly think straight. And by "home" I'm being very broad. Part of me is longing for Richmond, VA, specifically, and most of me is just longing for the east coast, in general. Mostly I'm longing for seasons. I am craving fall.

I'm trying to put my finger on the source of these feelings. I suppose a lot of it has to do with finishing up what I originally came out here for, and for awhile I assumed I would return east immediately. As I've applied for four jobs in San Francisco in the last two days, it's becoming clear (by default if nothing else) that I am making some kind of commitment to staying here at least a little longer. I'm having a little bit of a hard time with that at this particular moment.

It's not like I have anywhere to be. It's not like I'm tied to anyone or anything and my decision would have no impact on anyone but myself.

Yeah. It's not like that at all. [sigh]

One of the organizations I applied to work for has locations in both San Francisco and Boston. I confess to thinking, Oh! A way out... Will I always be this way?


Ok now what said...

I would be so happy if you were closer!

I'm just me... said...

I say, do what makes you happiest. Flip a coin to pick a coast if you have to. Just make sure you are doing what makes you happy.

Personally I vote for marrying Matthew McConaughey, moving to the Carribean and becoming a beach bum, but that's just me. I know, I know, not everyone wants that.