July 25, 2008

No te preocupes.

Alternative title for this blog: A racecar grin

Well, as of today I officially accepted the job I was offered. When we were negotiating my package, my new boss said, "I'm more than happy to pay for your move to Los Altos..." To this I responded, "There won't be any move! I'm staying in San Francisco!" She thought I was crazy and I said, "Well, if makes you feel better you can put that moving money toward my new car..." (Not surprisingly, this didn't go over so well.) She's the kind of boss who puts emoticons into her email messages and, having already had lunch with her, I felt comfortable making this joke.

When I accepted the position over the phone she cried, "I'm so thrilled! Really? You've made my day!" I said, "Wow! You've totally made mine!" We worked out the details and I start Aug. 4. I'm totally and completely free until then so if you're in town and wanna hang out...or outta town and wanna come hang out...

A couple of people have asked me about why this 401K business bothers me. The short answer is that it means I'm going to die. Or wear adult diapers. Probably both. But hey! I'm siding on the bright look: I won't have to survive on a grad school or postdoc salary anymore.

I am really happy. Seriously. The last two weeks have brought about changes in my life that I never could have seen coming. This evening an old friend from grad school was in town, so I was waiting for the bus at 25th and Geary en route to visiting with him. For a brief moment, a postal truck pulled up next to where I was before making a right turn. Written in the dirt on the back of the truck were the words, "No te preocupes." In case your Spanish is minimal or nonexistent, it means, "Don't worry." I loved this. Those words at that moment were a beautiful thing. Fortunately--because I've been carrying my camera almost everywhere I go these days--I was able to quickly snap a picture before it turned.

No te preocupes

I could write a book filled with all the things I never got to say. I think I will.

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