July 16, 2008

Odds and ends

Nannette invited me to go to Mexico in Aug. and/or Oct. My God, I want to go. We'll see.

I adore my friends. I'm so happy to have good news to share with them for a change.

It's too bad I'm not independently wealthy and have to find a job. I could totally get used to a life of leisure. I'm trying to enjoy it while I can...

I was starting to get the impression that every time someone left my house I'd never see them again. Perhaps this is not true after all.

I have come to adore the words: "I'm not afraid. I'm not running away."

I'm going wine tasting in Sonoma on Saturday with a friend who is likely moving away.

I have new reasons to master the art of making rice pudding.

It seems this job I interviewed for is actually interested in me. Perhaps I will find some sort of employment somewhere after all and not have to start the blow-job drive through that J. and I discussed or the Tenderloin work that Y. and I have been planning for years. That's good. I'm horrible in high heels.

The words "I miss you" have never sounded so good.


Ok now what said...

Even though it is hurricane season we went to Mexico in october and it was FABULOUS! We had great weather and the prices are better.

Yannie said...

The tenerloin thing could always be some extra cash.