July 21, 2008

To talk to you

I love this so much.

I had a friend named Terry Childers waaaayy back in jr. high school. I didn't know what happened to him after that but he found me on MySpace a couple of years ago and we got back in touch. Now he is a musician and has a six year old daughter named Random.

A couple days ago, Terry posted a bulletin about collaborating on a song with Random with promises to put up the finish product. The song was her idea, and she came up with the title: "There Sure are a lot of Ways to Talk to You." They wrote the words together and made the music. You can now listen to the finished product--it's the first song on his page. And I've transcribed the words below:

I could call you on your cell phone
We could AIM chat, too
I could try to speak French, but I would get confused
What would I use to get through to you?
There sure are a lot of ways to talk to you.

I could try sign language if you'd see my hands
I could send smoke signals far across the land
I could say it in Klingon but you'd get confused
You know there are a lot of ways to talk to you.

We could meet face to face
You could pick an appropriate place
Like the park
Or a crazy Mexican race

I could use a bat signal shining in the sky
You would probably see it if the clouds were up high
I could shout it under water but we might get confused
Oh, what can I use?
Oh, what would I do?
Oh, what can I do?
Oh, what can I do to get through to you?
There are a lot of ways to talk to you.

Such sweetness!

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