May 20, 2008


I loved you in the morning, before the sun would come
You were the dawn to me
I loved you in the evening, while the birds were still singing
You gave every song to me

I want to see you
More than anything
Babe I miss you
All day and everyday

It's not that I can't go on without you
Got a lot of things to do
I'm busy, busy all the time
Still I can't stop thinking about you

- Electrelane

It had never occurred to me that the latent content of the things I've made would serve as a visual record of my state of mind, more oblique and therefore more telling than any diary I might have kept.

- David Rakoff

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Lady of many corners said...

My god the only things I can "claim" that I have made are my 2 children, who are absolute heathens! I sometimes wish I had something like this quote to say......

By the way is Kelly happy with the outcome of Idol, I could pee my pants I was so excited!