May 3, 2008

Inner dimples

I am feeling creative today; I don't know why. I think I was inspired by reading some lines I wrote months ago. I made my first attempt at writing song lyrics back in October/November. They were written from such raw, naked emotion that I have generally been unable to read them since then. But today I had the courage to go back and look at them and *gasp* I really like them. They helped inspire me to write a poem.

I honestly don't think I've written a poem since I was sixteen years old. I really like this one. It's not meant for public eyes, but I guess I wanted to write about writing it.

I do feel compelled to share some lines from those lyrics I wrote months ago. I hope I'm not repeating myself; as far as I can remember only one other person has ever read these.

I kept it in a private place
And took it out for my own viewing
I warmed it with my breath and polished it
All this is just barely enough to get by
Believe me, it’s barely enough

I feel suddenly shy.

1 comment:

mdh said...

Oh wow, that verse is my life on a stick. Though, recently, I think I'd have to say it's ceased being even barely enough. It's stared to feel like a cruel parody of 'enough'.

Yay for feeling creative! If ever you have any work you consider ready for public eyes, please share.