May 15, 2008

My momma has a date.

After several days of being without her cell phone, my mom got it turned on again and called and said, "I have news!" For whatever reason, I said the first thing that popped into my mind: "You're pregnant." She laughed and said, "That would definitely be news."

Turns out she met someone at the American Legion. (I didn't think that was possible!) He just moved to WV from Denver. They talked a fair amount and then he asked her to go to the ATM with him, at which time he promptly asked her out. As she struggled to adjust the seat in his car and ended up turning on the windshield wipers and high beams (I can't tell you how much I hate to say this: Like mother, like daughter), she agreed. It seems they are going on a weekend fishing trip and staying in a cabin at Stonewall Jackson Lake. I said, "It's your first date and you're spending the weekend together?!" Then it occurred to me that I should probably shut up and not pursue that line of questioning. She was kind enough (or possibly drunk and/or oblivious enough) not to point out my near-hypocrisy.

She's nervous and excited and happy and afraid. I'm happy for her, as that is an exciting combination of feelings when you're anticipating something. I was feeling rather doubtful about her dating prospects because, 1) I am familiar with the single men in my hometown, and, 2) I tried to help steer her through a brief stint with online dating during which she refused to put up her picture or consider anyone divorced or over age 40 (despite the fact that she is twice divorced and her 50th birthday is just around the corner).

In her excitement, she was eager to compare notes. "'s YOUR love life going?" she asked. I quickly changed the subject to her upcoming visits to both of my brothers. It was a rather masterful move on my part, as she loves that topic passionately and didn't even seem to notice the abrupt topic change.


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