May 15, 2008

[Fans self, spritzes face with water, and dabs delicately]

Today it is in the 90s in San Francisco. Heat records are being broken all over the Bay Area. It's been about three years since I felt heat like this. I am not very pleased.

I am reminded of the first summer I lived in Richmond. We had a couple of weeks of record-setting temperatures--one of them was the consecutive number of days it got over 100 degrees. I didn't know anyone in the city yet, school hadn't started, and I couldn't afford air conditioning. So I spent most of my days camped out in a bathtub full of cold water with a glass of ice water, the cordless phone, and a book. I would periodically call people to remind them of how hot I was, in case they had forgotten since I called them a half hour earlier. When I couldn't stand being in my house anymore I would go to Barnes and Noble and curl up with a book in an overstuffed chair and soak up the air conditioning. Or I would go see a movie. Any movie.

Sssshhhhhhh...can you hear that? It's the smallest violin in the world. And it's playing for me.


a little froggy said...

That little violin is playing for me here in rainingcold, dank, WV! I finally got my blog up, dont know how much I will contribute, but read me occassionaly ok!

HUGS!!! Bec

a little froggy said...

Ok well I will probably only have you and maybe roca from brazil comment, who knows though.

I like to write weird stuff so i thought that this was the best way to go.

Are you ok? I hope so, I am going to write soething for you sometime.