May 27, 2008

Email remix

I'm trying to write.
The first time I tried I forgot to separate the eggs.
I'm mostly staring.
I made tacos for dinner.
I'm really in the mood to read fortune cookie fortunes.
Maybe I should work for a pharmaceutical company.
They tasted delicious.
I may make another stab at chocolate mousse.
It is worn and shabby and stained and dirty.
I think I would like to get a new area rug for my living room.
My stomach kind of aches.
Goddamn tacos.
I have about five songs that are the only songs I want to hear in the world right now.
One of my favorite fortunes recently was, "One day it won't hurt anymore."
My friend said, "I really admire your strength. I would probably go anyway."
Cricket got annoyed and snapped at me tonight.
(I was drinking champagne and talking on the phone, you see.)
Many of the stains come from the spills of friends.
I am so tired of not having much money.
I wanted to go desperately, but I couldn’t bear the thought of not sharing it with someone.
I put her back in her cage.
It would be nice to make a good salary.
I just sneezed hot pepper flakes.
Goddamn tacos.
And, really, they’re the best kind of stains.

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