April 14, 2009

Bad joke

Yesterday while urgently searching for over-the-counter allergy medicine, I had to be reminded that they now keep it behind the pharmacy counter so the quantity you can buy can be controlled so as to reduce the chances you're converting the pseudoephedrine found in it to meth. I had to show I.D., sign a form, and turn around in a circle three times with my hand over my heart to promise I wasn't making meth with this allergy medicine. While signing my name, I asked the pharmacist, "This is all to keep me from producing meth, right?"

"Right," she answered.

"Well, fortunately my meth lab is already well-stocked," I replied.

She did not look amused. I might be on some kind of narcotics watch list or something now.

1 comment:

I'm just me... said...

The strange car you have seen sitting across the road every day is just the stakeout they now have watching you.