April 29, 2009

How to disappear completely.

I want to crawl under my desk. It goes beyond that, actually. I want to stay under my desk for an extended and indefinite period of time.

I have been having this feeling since a couple months into my job. Every day I indulge in this fantasy a little: I roll back my chair, gaze at the darkness beneath my wrap-around corner desk, and note that there's plenty of room. I always look to my office door and the full length window next to it to examine whether the average passerby could tell from the hallway that I was under my desk. (I think from the hallway the answer is know, but once they entered my doorway they'd probably notice.)

This has been a weird secret of mine until last night. I talked to my best friend C. and confided this to her. I thought it was some weird little quirk about me that she would probably understand. "I know exactly what you mean," she said. "When I worked at that job I hated I used to think about getting under my desk every single day."

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I'm just me... said...

Yep, you are not alone. I think about this EVERY DAY. When Tink or my boss's youngest are here they often hide under my desk, it's their hideout.