April 27, 2009

In my head I am so far away from here.

I want to spend the day on a blanket in the park. A bottle of wine would be nice here, but not necessary.

I want to see Tennessee Valley up in Mill Valley, CA.

I want to drive to Santa Cruz and spend the afternoon riding rides. And then I want to go to that little shop with all the lanterns.

I want to be most anywhere but here at my desk, feeling as though the world is passing me by as I send emails to participants in a research study.


Anonymous said...

one and the same.

I promised Lady A that when she was older we would take a "girls" only trip to visit aunt Amie in california or where ever you may be by that time. She was so excited!

Toad's Lair said...

When you say "older" I hope you mean, like, two weeks...

Anonymous said...

honey i dont think I could spend that long on a plane with her right now.

I wrote about our conversation, go read it. Of course after you have finished your work.