April 13, 2009


[Standing outside a bar in Oakland talking with a friend of a friend, A.]

A: I'm more of a whiskey drinker.

Me: Not me. That's my sad bastard drink.

A: What do you mean? Really?

Me: I'm serious! I have a couple whiskeys and I'm curled in a fetal position on the floor and I'm all like, "My life is meaningless! There's no point to going on!"

A: (laughs) No way. I can't even imagine that.

Me: It's true! (goes on for effect) "We're all alone! There is no God!"

A: I don't think I believe you. I can't even imagine you being sad.

Me: (stops cold) What?

A: Yeah, I can't even picture you sad at all. Every time I look at you you're smiling.

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