April 15, 2009

On the meeting of Eddie and Ruth Ann

(They were my maternal grandparents.)

He was on a street corner waiting for a bus. She was helping to carry a mattress down the sidewalk. He watched her go by, staggering beneath the weight of the mattress. He thought she was beautiful and wanted to ask her out, but she looked rather busy at the time. Every time he went to that bus stop after that he looked for her; it put a little extra bounce in his step on the way to catch the bus. Finally one day she was there.

She stood primly off to the side in a long red coat, looking much more put together than the day she was carrying the mattress. He felt nervous, but the memory of the long wait to see her again spurned him to action. He quietly introduced himself and asked her for a date, and she accepted with a smile.

The rest is, well...

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I'm just me... said...

How awesome! I love to hear how people met.