August 24, 2008


My friend Sarah and her husband Chris are expecting their first baby in early December. They've chosen to let the sex of the baby be a surprise, and have hence taken to calling him/her "Nipper."

This morning Sarah sent out copies of her ultrasound pictures. It's been awhile since I've seen anyone's ultrasound pictures and I'm obviously way behind on the technology.

These are amazing. I was awestruck.

Sarah's ultrasound 1

Sarah's ultrasound 2

Sarah's ultrasound 3

Sarah writes:

"...During the ultrasound, as you'll see in the pics, Nipper kept very busy with his/her arm and hand the whole time. We saw some eye-rubbing (#73 & 74 on pic 1), thumb-sucking (pic 7, though it's hard to tell; you can see 3 little finger dots up high on the right-hand pic), wrist-licking (#80 on pic 4; no clue whose side of the family this comes from), and some open-mouth/gulping action..."

I think I still envision ultrasound pictures from back in the 80s when my mom was pregnant with my brothers. All you could see was a couple of vague, gray masses that could have been anything from an organ to a child to a tumor.

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