August 16, 2008

You're like the messiah, pal.

It's been months and months since I've gone to Craigslist for any missed connections or Best of. My well is running a little dry.

I found some amusing things right off the bat, and I felt the need to share. Speaking my mind in any other fashion at the moment seems like a bad idea.

1. Maxwell's silver hammer

2. SERIOUS guitarist looking for like-minded bandmates to make it big

3. need a female companion 4 anything

4. To my neighbor who I saw pooping in his yard yesterday

5. MISS ME! Goddamnit!! - m4w

6. Dead Moose


Ok now what said...

I read over these and I think the guy looking for a female for anything should have thought twice about posting a pic along with his "ad"

I'm just me... said...

How old is the guy looking for a female?! He looks about 15. I love Craig's List. These are all great!