August 26, 2008

Today I kept driving.

I was driving to work this morning and I was immersed in my thoughts and music and I just kept going and going. Eventually there was a break in my reverie and I looked around and thought, Where am I? Nothing was familiar. I had bypassed my exit and was heading south for parts unknown.

How much money is in my bank account? I wondered. How far could I get?

I remembered I was still waiting for a large paycheck in the mail from my summer teaching job. My heart sunk further when I realized that I couldn't get through the Darien Gap without having a jeep or being held at gunpoint, and I sighed.

I turned around.

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Ok now what said...

There have been many times where I have thought about doing the same thing, except for me it entails getting the heck out of wv.

When I was in high school and the year after I would just get in my 1984 Renault and just drive to nowhere in particular.

My sister in law once decided to go for a drive up old route 250. She ended up in Moundsville at 11:30 at night with no idea about how to get home.

Someday maybe me, you and D could just get in a car and just drive for awhile. I need that.