August 8, 2008

Teeny tiny work updates

I think I am making my first friend at work. Barbara is a web developer here and helps us put our programs and products online, design interactive web modules, etc.

Also, the company provides us with coffee, teas, sodas, etc. in our little kitchen. There are also a few snacky items that are available to everyone. I've been doing very well with eating a good breakfast every morning and with packing a healthy lunch. I was feeling sort of virtuous about all this. When I was looking for the Splenda in one of the cabinets a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon what seems to be a limitless supply of 1) cinnamon and brown sugar Pop-Tarts, and 2) sour apple Blow Pops.

It's like they read my diary of guilty pleasures. Curse these Pop-Tarts. They whisper to me every day.

[bangs on head desperately with eyes squeezed shut: "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"]


I'm just me... said...

Must be nice. Although we have asked for a water cooler, the only thing my company provides for us is the cloudy tap water from the bathroom sink. We're not real sure why it's cloudy, so noone has ever actually tasted it. Good luck resisting those pop tarts!

Yannie said...

Pop Tarts!!! too sugary. Sour Apple pops, now that's more like it.

Ok now what said...

Where I used to work there were endless supplies of miniature candy bars throughout the entire office. Snickers, KitKats, 3 musketeers, reese cups, whatever your hearts desire you could find it there. We also had an endless supplies of pepsi and coke for us. That and not to mention that every friday we would all bring in some sort of dessert and pig out is probably why in 2 years I gained 15 pounds!

Moderation my dear moderation...;)

Ok now what said...

Unexpected nice thoughts are always the best!!!!

Thank you I LOVE IT, it is you and me 100%!!!!